Things to remember when booking:

  • Deposits must be paid within 24hours for none sale units and within 2 hours for sale units. 
  • Deposits are non-refundable. 
  • Remaining payments on the day of your appointment should be in cash or bank transfer only.
  • When providing your own hair please have it with us 5 days beforehand, if it’s received any later your appointment may be rescheduled and your deposit is not refunded.
  • Please attend all appointments with your hair already cornrowed unless you’ve booked this as an additional service. 
  • Please do not bring a plus one to your appointment apart from children.
  • There is a £10 late fee from 10 mins and after 20 mins appointment automatically cancelled.
  • Emergency last minute appointments are available at an extra cost of £20 (must call or email for availability).
  • Ladies please bring in good lace.
  • If you’re a lighter complexion, NO DARK LACES!
  • If you’re unsure of what to buy contact me prior I’ll help you.
Everyone’s install will NOT BE THE SAME IF EVERYONE HAS DIFFERENT LACE. You cannot bring me sheepskin or reptile lace & expect me to melt it and give natural if it’s thick lace!
We hope you have a great experience with us! Any further enquiries can be sent to:

Happy Booking!

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Wig Services
10 Services
Styling for Wig’s and Weave £40 Starts From
Frontal or Closure Sew in Hair not included (email to request purchase of hair from us). - Please drop or post your frontal or closure off 2 days before hand for the knots to be bleached and hairline pre-plucked. £150 Starts From
Standard Sew ins/ Leave outs (bundles not included) * Your Leave out must match colour of bundles * Your own Hair and bundles must be washed and clean thoroughly and if not select (wash and dry) add on £125 Starts From
Glueless install (first time install of one of our wigs purchased online) Choose this option if you have purchased one of our wigs online and wish to have it installed Glueless. Please attend with your hair already braided or add braids as an add on for £15.00 £35 Starts From
Glued install only (first time install of one of our wigs purchased online_ Choose this option if you have purchased one of our wigs online and wish to have it installed as a glued install. Please attend with your hair already braided or add braids as an add on for £15.00 £45 Starts From
Full lace or 360 reglue Reglue includes standard styling (straightening/curling) Half up/pony tail styling is an additional £15.00 NB: Please make sure your wig is washed and the lace is clean. If your wig is received in any other condition, there will be a charge. Ensure you also drop/ post your wig off 2 days before you’re appointment for pre-prep. £90 Starts From
Full Lace/ 360 Install This service includes bleaching of the knot, plucking, customizing and styling straight/ curled basic pony. Updo styles are an additional £15.00 £170 Starts From
Glueless Install & Styling Choose this option to have your wig re-installed and styled. Please note we will require your 2 days before your appointment to prep it for the appointment. This option does not include washing the wig. Curling is an additional £10.00 £70 Starts From
Premade Wig Install Choose this option if you have a wig already & want a Glueless install or glued install £15 Includes: plucking, customising & bleaching knots NB: Your frontal must not be heavily dense at the front, if so it’s an extra £15. Please ensure the lace is the right tone for your complexion, lighter laces can be customised darker but if your lace is too dark there’s not much that can be done. - Your hair is needed 4 days before the appointment. £110 Starts From
Frontal or Closure Wig Construction & Install This service will construct & customise your wig ( up to 3 bundles, each bundle after is £15.00) & offer a FREE Glueless install Glued install is an additional £15.00, please choose ADD-ON £120 Starts From
Wig Maintenance Services
4 Services
Wig Revamp This service includes: Washing, styling and reinstalling your wig (Glueless), closure /frontal replacements. For glued install please choose it as an add on NB: Please note you must drop your wig off 3 working days before your appointment £95 Starts From
Re install NB: Please wash your wig beforehand. You must drop your wig off 2 days beforehand to have it styled. Straightening/curling is charged at an extra £10.00 £70 Starts From
Weave Wash and Style £90 Starts From
Pixie Weave/Wig £150 Starts From
General Services
2 Services
Wig customisation £70 Starts From
Wig Fitting £30 Starts From
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